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Optimize processes to best serve customers

Ngày Đăng: 05/10/2023

Our main focus is on businesses (B2B), so the requirements are always different and more stringent than ever. In addition to distributing and supplying standard and good quality products, the customer care process is also always emphasized and optimized in every step.

Tratimex's customer care process is optimal in every step from receipt to delivery, always ensuring quality, fast service, and dedicated care.

1. Customer care in product quality

The process of receiving asphalt is paid attention to by Tratimex right at the loading ports. Here, we import hot solid asphalt from refineries of major oil corporations in the world. Enterprises are responsible for appointing a reputable international inspection agency in the world to check the quality and issue certificates for each shipment. Please note that when goods are discharged from the ship, the inspection agency must confirm that the ship is specialized and that the goods meet the standards required by Tratimex.

Next is the customer care process with rules for preserving hot solid asphalt to always meet standards until handover. For hot solid asphalt, choosing the temperature range at which it is stored, preserved, pumped and transported is of utmost importance.

Products bring quality and trust to customers

Safety: The flash temperature of 60/70 penetration asphalt is about 232 oC. Therefore, asphalt should not be stored at temperatures above its flash point. The highest allowable temperature of asphalt in the tank must be 25oC lower than the flash point. The farther the storage temperature is from the flash point, the better to prevent the risk of fire and explosion, but must be greater than 100oC so that steam, if present in the tank, cannot condense into water.

Quality: lowest flight of light components – lowest exposure to air oxygen.

Operating technique: Ensure viscosity so that the asphalt pump can suck, push, and circulate in the pipeline to meet the pump manufacturer's technical requirements. Combined with the characteristics of the equipment in the technology system, Tratimex chose the storage temperature range in the tank from 110oC to 145oC. Asphalt quality may change during storage in tanks and during transportation to customers. Therefore, regularly complying with the goods control process at the warehouse as well as on the vehicle is very necessary and mandatory.

2.Check quality and shipping process

Tratimex periodically checks the quality of asphalt in tanks to monitor changes in asphalt quality during storage. If plastic is stored for more than 3 months in a tank, the Company reports to the plastic inspection authorities to organize quality inspection.

Product quality inspection process

Enterprises offer safe delivery processes, ensuring both people, equipment and products. Asphalt is transported to customers' mixing plants by specialized tank trucks with insulation and additional heating systems for delivery. Before pumping goods into the tank truck, the vehicle must be inspected inside and outside to confirm there is no water, foreign objects, etc. in the tank or any other technical problems to ensure safety.

The delivery process is the most important step that needs to be paid attention to. Delivery workers are highly trained, ensuring the process of pumping plastic from tank trucks into the mixing plant is absolutely safe and does not pollute the environment.

The amount of asphalt delivered to customers will be based on the weight passed through the scale at Tratimex's weighbridge - a modern electronic scale, meeting European quality and licensed for use. The electronic weighing system connects to Tratimex's warehouse operations center to control safety, quality, and weight.

Tratimex people

To ensure the interests of customers as well as the reputation of the Company, the quantity of goods delivered to customers must be strictly managed according to the following steps: Before goods are loaded into tank trucks; after loading, after delivery

3. Summary

Carefulness and meticulousness in all stages from preparing goods to delivering them to our construction sites are always guaranteed. Every step is carried out according to the process, applying strict rules and applying advanced techniques to the production line. We believe this is the best care for customers in terms of quality.

As for service, all employees working at Tratimex are well-trained in terms of professionalism and professional skills.

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