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Tratimex constantly improves infrastructure and tank systems

Ngày Đăng: 05/10/2023

Established in 2000 until now, Tratimex has continuously developed and built an increasingly strong system, gradually becoming a leading corporation in supplying equipment and supplies for Vietnam's transportation industry, especially to asphalt product lines, contributing to the ever-developing road traffic system. This is the clearest proof that Tratimex always invests in facilities, improves machinery, and improves product quality.

1. Expand production facilities - increase output

Tratimex Trading and Import-Export Transportation Materials Joint Stock Company has a long history with more than 20 years of experience. Right from the beginning, the enterprise had a starting investment capital of 3 billion VND and 10 business people. The products were mainly sold and distributed at that time Iranian plastic barrels, Esso, Shell.

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Improve working efficiency

After many years of persistent operation with continuous efforts to improve, from 2009 to 2012 Tratimex focused on completing the construction of tank systems and operating equipment at Hai Phong, Quang Nam, Go Dau port warehouses. The enterprise officially expanded its business of hot solid asphalt products.

In the following years from 2013 to 2014, the business focused on searching and importing asphalt from reputable factories and the world's leading asphalt and petrochemical companies. Hot solid asphalt product lines, expanding asphalt product business, establishing Vietnam Asphalt Joint Stock Company.

Những con đường hiện đại mà Tratimex tự hào góp phần xây dựng.

Modern roads that Tratimex is proud to contribute to building.

From 2015 to 2017, the business continuously made a splash in the Vietnamese traffic materials market. Tratimex expanded into the field of business and exploitation of warehouses, seaport infrastructure, and provision of maritime and transportation services. Tratimex Enterprise made progress when successfully installing and putting into operation a Polymer asphalt production line in Hai Phong, continuing to be successful in installing and putting into operation a Polymer asphalt production line in Quang Nam .

Following are the successes of 2019 to date, on the journey of building Tratimex constantly strives to bring quality products to meet the needs of the market. The company provides large output to the market, achieving revenue of nearly 2,000 billion VND.

2. Tratimex moves to a modern asphalt factory

Tratimex aims for a vision in the next 10 years, building Tratimex into a multi-industry private economic group with potential, reputation and strong brand in the country and Southeast Asia.

Continue to consolidate and maintain its position as one of the leading enterprises in the field of asphalt production and trading, chemicals, additives and other traffic materials products in Vietnam. Efforts to cooperate with domestic and foreign partners to expand investment in potential fields, increase economic potential, and enhance position in the market.


Modern machinery and equipment during import transportation

After many years of construction and continuous development efforts, Tratimex always focuses on improving production techniques and the most advanced production lines to bring the best products to the community and society. In addition to improving production techniques, efficiency from machinery and people are also important factors that Tratimex aims for. Each employee of Tratimex is trained systematically and thoroughly to improve production skills.

The warehouse and tank truck systems are continuously improved

To ensure the quality of asphalt for each project, the warehouse and tank truck systems are continuously improved to help perform the role of storage, preservation, and transportation without affecting the quality and schedule.

Typically, the modern concrete warehouse system in Hai Phong and the latest upgraded tank truck system. For Tratimex, quality comes from the smallest step, upgrading and developing synchronously is the way we retain customers and improve service quality.

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