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Orientation for transport infrastructure development in the coming time

Ngày Đăng: 04/10/2023

1.Oriented development

Transport infrastructure is a physical foundation that plays a particularly important role in the country's socio-economic development process. With a synchronous, modern and connected transportation infrastructure to meet the needs of transporting goods and passengers..., the economy will have the conditions for rapid, stable and sustainable growth.

Rapidly developing transport infrastructure with the motto "one step ahead" is an urgent practical requirement, both to remove bottlenecks and create conditions for quick breakthroughs in the process of building structures. synchronized infrastructure of the country.

The transport infrastructure system has had strong developments such as increasingly improving transport quality, basically meeting the requirements of socio-economic development, ensuring national defense and security. security, helping to improve people's lives, and contributing to hunger eradication, poverty reduction, and shortening the gap between regions. However, in reality, the traffic infrastructure system still has many limitations, is not synchronous, modern and does not meet the socio-economic development requirements of the country.

Aiming for Tratimex's long-term development goals

Therefore, the strategy identifies 4 socio-economic development directions:

  1. “Rapidly develop infrastructure, especially transportation infrastructure. Basic formation of a synchronous infrastructure system, with a number of modern works, is a strategic breakthrough and an important factor in promoting socio-economic development and restructuring the economy."
  2. "Ensuring the connection of major economic centers with each other and with gateway traffic hubs with a synchronous traffic system, improved transport capacity, smooth and safe traffic."
  3. "Promote the implementation of strategic breakthroughs in building a synchronous infrastructure system with a number of modern projects... ensuring overall efficiency and systematicity, especially the transportation network...".

To have a breakthrough in construction: "Concentrate investment resources to build large, important and essential projects, especially in areas with development potential and resolve congestion and overload. Ensuring smooth connections between major economic centers and traffic hubs and gateways to routes with great transport demand. Pay attention to investing in transport infrastructure in difficult areas" (4).

The Party's resolutions and strategies mentioned above are both goals and orientations for the transportation sector in the development of traffic infrastructure.

2.The need for investment

In recent years, many forms of capital mobilization have been approved and supported by the Government to invest in building transport infrastructure, typically the first projects invested in the form of BOT, BT, with Total investment is several tens of billions of VND.
Entering the period of economic innovation, especially over the past 10 years, the rapid development and increasing improvement in the quality of transport infrastructure has better satisfied the needs of travel and transport of goods. of society.
The importance of building transport infrastructure is reflected in the following aspects:
Firstly, if we have a synchronous and modern transport infrastructure system, it will create conditions for equal development among territories, reducing the difference in living standards and education between population areas. populate.
Second, in each region's economic development strategy, there is always a strategy to develop the transportation network. Develop synchronous traffic infrastructure, and build and improve road quality to keep up with the speed of development of road motor vehicles as well as the increasing demand for traffic today.

Contribute to the quality of Vietnamese roads

Third, smoke-free industries such as tourism will also develop when Vietnam has a complete, convenient transportation system that connects areas and regions throughout the country.
Fourth, building transport infrastructure, contributing to improving Vietnam's investment environment, enhancing the efficiency and competitiveness of the economy, creating conditions to attract investment capital for infrastructure development , especially attracting foreign investment capital and using that capital to build transportation infrastructure, creating conditions for material production industries to operate more effectively, creating conditions for solving problems. jobs.
Fifth, investing in the construction of transportation infrastructure is a direct and indirect solution to urgent social problems, meeting the rapidly increasing transportation demand in recent times. The quality of transport services can only be improved if we have a standard, modern and synchronous road infrastructure system.

3.Current situation

Thanks to focusing on mobilizing all resources for transport infrastructure development under the direction of the Government, Vietnam's transport infrastructure has developed strongly in a synchronous and modern direction, contributing to hunger eradication. reduce poverty, improve people's lives, and shorten the gap between regions.
Transportation projects are planned and invested in a synchronous and modern manner such as highways, airports, and international seaports that meet regional and world standards.

Tratimex Company imports and controls asphalt quality.

Specifically from 2012-2020, road traffic infrastructure has been invested and built as follows:
– Regarding roads: national highway network connecting key economic centers North - South; Border gates, airports, international seaports and urban belt roads have great transport demand
– Regarding aviation: there have been breakthrough developments in both scale and service quality, promptly responding to the explosion of air transport demand in the recent period, with an average growth rate. reaching 16% - 18%/year.
– Regarding railways: efforts have been made to improve safety, shorten train running times, improve services, and improve the quality of passenger transport.
– Regarding waterways: capable of handling about 80-90% of the country's import and export volume.
Currently, urban transportation is gradually being renovated, upgraded and expanded, especially in large cities, contributing to limiting passenger and goods congestion. Service quality and transportation services are also constantly being innovated and improved, ensuring to better serve the people's travel needs; promote production and business development; contributing to controlling inflation, stabilizing the macroeconomy, ensuring social security, thereby improving the competitiveness of the economy.

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