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Tratimex puts product quality first

Ngày Đăng: 04/10/2023

Standing firmly in the market of special equipment and supplies for the Transportation industry, Tratimex believes that to make a name and be successful as a business, we need more than 20 years of experience and market expansion. Above all, it is product quality and customer trust.

Tratigroup's criteria when bringing products to the market are strictly and thoroughly tested. Tratigroup always strives to bring the best quality products and best services to customers and contractors.

1.Product quality constitutes trust

Over two decades of establishment and development from 2000 until now, Tratigroup has always affirmed its position as a leading enterprise, built a prestigious and professional image, and developed stable and solid growth in the world. market with key product lines: asphalt, chemicals, and transportation materials, contributing to the work of building the country's transportation system.

Right from the first steps, we have determined that if the business wants to go long term, it must follow the direction of stability and sustainable development. Because of this, Tratigroup decided to build trust with customers with a professional brand image with product quality always at the best and up to standard level.

The asphalt import process ensures quality

Tratigroup has affirmed itself in building trust with customers through many contracts and projects that greatly contribute to the country's transportation system, as well as making its mark on the international market.

Along with the successes, the group gradually shifted to expanding its investment and development business in many different fields: warehousing business, seaport infrastructure, cargo handling services, maritime services and transportation. Water transport, import of petroleum, investment in construction and exploitation of technical infrastructure of industrial parks,...

Tratigroup commits to always strive to become a solid, trusted partner for customers with stable quality products, competitive prices, and the best support services.

2.Product quality brings sustainable value

Each business will determine its own path in building its brand image. Tratigroup chooses its own path in a stable, long-term direction, building strong trust with customers and partners. Through well-thought-out, quality products, we always want to become the "top of mine" for our customers.

Tratigroup is proud to become a partner of many contractors in road and bridge projects, building transportation systems, contributing a small part to large projects serving the community and society.

Machines are put into production to create high quality products

More than the material values we receive are the trust and confidence of customers, partners and even employees working and contributing at Tratigroup. Therefore, Tratigroup is always grateful to those who have always stood side by side with us to create quality products, and to the customers who always choose and trust our products.

Creating a sustainable transportation project comes from choosing fuel and equipment that are reasonable and of standard quality. Understanding the difficulties and concerns of customers and contractors when choosing suppliers, Tratigroup solves this difficult problem by manufacturing the best products with the heart and love of the workers.

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