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Tratigroups cultural identity

Ngày Đăng: 05/10/2023

Tratigroup's people always put sincerity as the motto of conduct, Tratigroup's cultural identity takes 5 core values: Speed - Intelligence - Enthusiasm - Honesty - Compliance as a guideline for all actions. dynamic.

Speaking the truth, doing the truth, Tratigroup's people put Credibility in every choice and action. Every step of Tratigroup people is guided by quick, wise, harmonious and humane decisions.

Tratigroup's staff constantly strives and is creative in their work, determined and confident to conquer big goals. And especially, always respect and promote team spirit. In work and life, Tratigroup people think and act according to the following 5 core values:

Speed: Fast, timely, accurate

Tratigroup people are always flexible and execute quickly, act quickly, make quick decisions, but are not hasty, always anticipating risks. When Tratigroup people make a decision, they do it right away, quickly with high concentration, to bring about the highest efficiency.

Intelligence: Correct perception, creativity, effective application

Tratigroup people are always proactive in learning and applying knowledge to increase work efficiency. Tratigroup people believe that there is no best thing, only better things. Tratigroup people always think and act correctly, are not afraid of change, and always confidently move forward to conquer big goals.

Enthusiasm: Enthusiastic, dedicated, always doing your best

Tratigroup people always work wholeheartedly and take responsibility to the end. Tratigroup people who accept a job do their best, do not quit halfway, and do it to the end with the highest sense of responsibility and results. Tratigroup people work with a passionate spirit and dare to engage, proactively break through to overcome all limits.

Honesty: Tell the truth, act honestly and act responsibly

Tratigroup people are always upright and sincere, saying what they say, not avoiding or shifting responsibility, not embellishing or hiding the truth. At work, Tratigroup people always ensure transparency, objectivity and authenticity of all information and data.

Compliance: Comply with regulations, have high discipline

Tratigroup people only do what the law allows, strictly complying with labor regulations, Group/Company culture as well as the Group/Company's regulations and procedures. Tratigroup people work with a plan, always paying attention to quality and final results.

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