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Why are some key traffic projects behind schedule?

Ngày Đăng: 05/10/2023

Recently, a number of key traffic projects in Da Nang City have been behind schedule, including: DT601 road, Western ring road, Northwest trunk road I, which has affected travel and life. people's lives in the area where these works are located. So what is the cause, when will these projects be completed?

The Western Ring Road project (Da Nang City) is being accelerated to complete construction and put into operation by the end of this year.

The project to upgrade and renovate DT601 road is located in Hoa Vang district, starting from the People's Committee of Hoa Son commune, following the old road through Hoa Lien commune, ending at Ta Lang village, Hoa Bac commune with a total length of about 35.6km long. On both sides of the road are crowded residential houses with a total of more than 919 documents needing compensation for land recovery and handover of construction sites (not to mention additional documents and documents transferred from other projects). On the other hand, under the road DT601 is the construction of raw water pipeline D1400, carrying water from Nam My dam pumping station (Hoa Bac commune) to Hoa Lien Water Plant (Hoa Lien commune), about 10km long, which needs to be constructed. completed first, then construct DT601 road.

After starting construction in May 2020, this project is proceeding at the same time: implementing construction at sections with premises, and continuing to carry out site clearance work. By the end of 2020, 242/919 compensation and clearance documents were handed over, by the end of 2021, 692/919 documents were handed over, by the end of 2022, 907/919 documents were handed over. Up to now, there are still 40 documents stuck. (including arising documents) have not yet been handed over the site for construction, focusing mainly on sections including: the alignment section bordering Hoa Son commune and Hoa Lien commune, 400m long, the intersection section with Nguyen Tat street The citadel is 300m long and the section through Hoa Lien Commune Cultural Center is 350m long.

Site clearance progress for the above project in 2023 is carried out according to the Plan issued in Decision No. 162/QD-UBND dated January 27, 2023 of the City People's Committee, which must be completed in the second quarter of 2023, but up to now still unfinished. Because the construction site on the route has a "leopard skin" shape, the coordination of construction items includes: road, relocation and return of domestic water supply pipeline system, medium - low voltage power lines, transmission lines. information, etc. face many difficulties and delays. In addition, the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic and the impact of heavy rains and storms in 2022 will also significantly affect the project implementation progress. Up to now, Project DT601 has basically completed construction of 33.78/35.68km of road surface to serve smooth traffic. Particularly for sections that still have problems with site clearance, the investor is actively coordinating with H. Hoa Vang continues to disassemble and resolve the remaining 40 documents. Wherever there is a site, construction will begin immediately, striving to complete the project in 2023.

For the Western ring road project also passing through H.Hoa Vang area, construction delays in the previous period (2018-2021) were mainly due to slow and intermittent site handover. with "leopard skin"), Covid-19 epidemic, adverse weather conditions. In addition, it is also due to the weak capacity of the construction contractor of Transport Construction Corporation 1 (Cienco 1). The investor of this project has terminated the contract with Cienco 1 and transferred the remaining construction volume to the contractor Truong Son Construction Corporation in December 2022.

On that basis, in March 2023, the City People's Committee issued Official Dispatch No. 1400/UBND-SKHDT on extending the project completion schedule until September 30, 2023, specifically the intersection with National Highway 14B (currently not discussed). handover of the premises) completed 6 months from the date of handover of the premises. Because the work of receiving and handing over the construction volume between Cienco 1 and Truong Son Construction Corporation encountered many difficulties and was prolonged because of the division and determination of unfinished volume... causing the section of the route that the Construction Corporation Truong Son received the project from contractor Cienco 1, whose implementation was delayed compared to requirements. Currently, the construction volume of the Western Ring Road project has reached about 80%. On June 9, 2023, Truong Son Construction Corporation issued Official Dispatch No. 1403/TCT-KTKT to the leaders of Da Nang City to report on problems and difficulties in the process of implementing public construction contracts. submit the Western ring road and commit to complete the entire project by December 31, 2023.

Regarding the Northwest Axis I Road Project located in Lien Chieu District, construction started in March 2020, and by July 2022, construction has basically completed about 450m/654.66m of the road length; The remaining section is temporarily suspended due to land problems. 19 cleared households have not received compensation. In order to connect traffic smoothly from the intersection of axis I - Ho Tung Mau - Hoang Thi Loan to the intersection of axis I - extended Ngo Sy Lien to serve the travel needs of people in the area, as well as traffic separation. traffic, reducing traffic load on Ton Duc Thang street from Nguyen Sinh Sac to Ngo Sy Lien, the City Department of Transport has reported to the City People's Committee to assign the investor of this project to urgently review existing problems at the scene, urgently organize Acceptance of completion and putting into use of the Northwest Axis I Project, the section from Ho Tung Mau to Ngo Sy Lien extension as soon as possible; At the same time, the investor is responsible for the traffic safety of the area from now until the handover of the project. For the remaining section of axis I (from Ngo Sy Lien extending towards the railway), the City People's Committee requested the investor to urgently review and continue to complete the project to ensure smooth and safe exploitation, to as a basis for organizing testing

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