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General introduction to the manufacturing sector

Tratigroup develops the manufacturing sector with garment industry and a number of other key asphalt products (Polymer asphalt production) and other manufacturing industries that will be formed in the future...

Specifically, in 2020, Tratigroup acquired and expanded its scale into the field of manufacturing garment products for export to the Japanese and US markets. With more than 40 years of establishment and development, Truong An Joint Stock Company has affirmed our brand and reputation with investors, partners, domestic and foreign customers. It is the guarantee of production, modern advanced technology, a team of experts, and seasoned employees that have created quality products bearing the unique mark, making Taco Company become one of the leading garment manufacturing and processing units in Vietnam.

Direction: To build, strengthen, and develop Taco into a high-specialization, reputable, quality, and reliable manufacturing facility, meeting the increasingly high demands of our valued partners and customers.Building, consolidating, and developing Taco company stronger and stronger to meet the needs and psychology of our partners. Developing Taco company into a reputable, quality, professional, and reliable factory.

Commitment: We commit to prioritizing the benefits of our customers, ensuring the interests of every customer by providing optimal products and services, numerous conveniences, and ensuring a competitive advantageWe commit that the interests of customers are always put first, ensuring the interests of all customers based on providing customers with optimal products and services, many utilities, and ensuring advantages compete. With the mottophylosophy of creating sustainable value, we always look forward to dedicating and making positive contributions to the development of society. We are committed to complying with the law, transparent business, respecting human rights, protecting the environment, and ensuring labor safety.

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