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General introduction to the service sector

Tratigroup is the main supplier of Seaport business services.

Tratigroup's member unit is Doan Xa Port Joint Stock Company, formerly known as Doan Xa Handling Enterprise- a unit under Hai Phong Port, established under Decision No. 334/TCCB-LĐ dated 28/06/1995 of Vietnam Maritime Administration.

In 2015, Tratigoup acquired and held a controlling stake in Doan Xa Port. Expanding into the field of warehousing and seaport infrastructure business and exploitation services, providing maritime and transportation services, thereby building a strong brand for Doan Xa Port, creating prestige in the domestic and international markets. abroad helps maintain stability and develop sustainable services, meeting all market requirements for import and export of goods.

Doan Xa Port Joint Stock Company has been listed at the Hanoi Stock Exchange Center since December 12, 2005 with the stock code DXP. Information published at https://doanxaport.com.vn/cong-bo-thong-tin/2023/

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